Theater FAQ's

Theater FAQ's

Is my student guaranteed a role in any production? 
The audition process for any show includes 4 judges, Mrs. Spin, Mrs. Mould (or another teacher that can give an objective opinion), Mr. Brown, and a member of our local Murfreesboro theater community.
Many talented students go through the audition process, and since we use a rubric for each candidate not everyone who auditions makes the cut.  We would like to encourage any student to study the rubric and use the time in between auditions (Jan - May or June - Dec) to continue honing their craft while making plans to audition for the next show.  
Every student (even those returning) must audition.  Every student will be scored on the same rubric.  Each show is a clean slate and no one is guaranteed a role in any production
Can a cast member join the crew or a crew member join the cast?
Auditions for crew and cast are completely separate. This will be determined by our production team on a person by person basis
What about JTF?

Each year our fall production is presented for adjudication at the Junior Theater Festival in Atlanta, GA.  Only members of our fall (semester 1) production are eligible to attend (even though the trip takes place at the beginning of the 2nd  semester.) 
Being a part of the Fall cast and the JTF cast DOES NOT guarantee a spot in the Spring semester cast, as these are two separate shows.
CLICK HERE for more info about the Junior Theater Festival.
What does the audition process look like?
During each audition, students will be scored with a rubric which is attached below.  This rubric will be used at each and every audition and is always available on this website. 
Audition Process
Students will spend one day learning a song and a partial script to audition for the stage the next day is chorography.  
Who Can Audition?

th – 8th-grade students of Oakland Middle School.  Participation will be dependent on the following: You must have a good academic standing, have a good school attendance record, and follow the school and district code of conduct. 
What is needed for a successful audition?

Complete your audition application and turn it in at the time of your audition.
Listen for announcements, reminders, and updates.  Have transportation arranged for your audition day.  It is your responsibility to show up for your audition and stay the entire time. Wait patiently for results to be posted.  Do not ask about the casting results prior to the results being posted. 

Can I participate if I have other activities that I participate in?


Attendance to any rehearsal that is stated in the rehearsal contract is a requirement for any student that is involved in musical theater.  Conflicts must be approved by the director at least two weeks in advance.  There will be absolutely no conflict approvals during tech week, dress week, and show week.  


If a student is sick and stays home for school that student is not to come to after school rehearsal.  


Please do not schedule any routine doctor visits during 8th period or on an after-school rehearsal day.  These absences will not be excused.