12/5/17 Class Work Assignment

You will need to grab a piece of white paper to make your foldable for bellwork.   


Step 1: Wait for Mrs. Bagley or Ms. Leonard  to teach you how to do the foldable 


Step 2: Once you have 6 squares your next task is to label the front 6 squares. 


  1. Interphase 
  2. Prophase 
  3. Metaphase 
  4. Anaphase 
  5. Telophase 
  6. Cytokinesis 


Step 3: On the inside of the foldable you are responsible for defining each phase and drawing a picture of each phase.  You should have 6 definitions and 6 pictures. 

You can use this website or research on your own



This is due by the end of class today in your class period's drawer