Welcome to the Cast of Junie B Jones
Junie B
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Thank you for sharing your passion for Junie B. Jones Jr. with us. It was truly inspiring to see everyone step outside their comfort zone and deliver such heartfelt auditions. We appreciated your song choices and the vulnerability each of you brought to the stage. While the final casting may not have gone your way, remember that taking this first step is a huge accomplishment! Keep exploring your love for performing, and if you did not make the cast list this year, or if you did not get the role you had your heart set on, don't let it discourage you. There are so many opportunities ahead where your talent will blossom. 

We would love to see you audition again for the Fall 2024 show!! 
We're cheering you on.
For this show we have decided to cast understudies for multiple reasons. 
We will explain all of this at our first rehearsal.
Understudies will perform during one show as their principal role.
Cast of Junie B Jones Jr. The Musical
Addie Hough: Ensemble
Addison Goff: Ensemble
Amira Hernandez: Chenille (Ensemble during understudy show)
Ari Williams: Sheldon (Ensemble during understudy show)
Brendan Barrett: Dad
Brooklyn Brown: Ensemble
Brooklyn Tyler: Camille (Ensemble during understudy show)
Deacon Dunn: Mr Scary
Donyae Spohn: Ensemble (Understudy: Camille)
Eden Chesney: Ensemble (Understudy: Shirley)
Emma Bebout: Shirley (Ensemble during understudy show)
Evie James: Ensemble (Understudy: Grace)
Evvy Burgess: Ensemble
Gavin Pearson: Herb
Isabella Switzer: Grace (Ensemble during understudy show)
Jaiden Johnson: Ensemble
Jensen Cecil: Junie B Jones (Ensemble during understudy show)
Johnnie McBee: Lennie
Jolee McClure: Mom/Choreographer
Jordan Frazee: Ensemble
Keaton Sikorski: Mr. Woo
Khali Penn: Ensemble (Understudy: May)
Kim Jiminez: Jose (Ensemble during understudy show)
Lucy Jordan: Ensemble (Understudy: Junie B Jones)
Maci Mintz: May (Ensemble during understudy show)
Maddalyn Murry: Ms. Gutzman (Ensemble during understudy show)
Makenzie Fehr: Ensemble (Understudy: Chenille)
Mary Nims: Ensemble (Understudy: Ms. Gutzman)
May Anders: Ensemble
McKayla Baxter: Lucille (Ensemble during understudy show)
McKenna Johnstone: Ensemble
Moira Christol: Ensemble (Understudy: Bobbi Jean Piper)
Natalie Bergen: Ensemble
Parker Dudak: Ensemble (Understudy: Jose)
Piper Green: Ensemble (Understudy: Lucille)
Reese Mallette: Bobbi Jean Piper (Ensemble during understudy show)
Sadie Burgess: Ensemble
Stella Amedee: Ensemble
Summer Nolen: Ensemble
Traion West: Ensemble
Vada STewart: Ensemble
Zach Kowalski: Ensemble (Understudy: Sheldon)
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