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Service Hours

The National BETA Club is a service organization, and our motto is “Let us lead by serving others.”


Each BETA member must complete 10 hours of service (1 hour per month from Aug-May) on their own each year.


Service hour examples could include:

  • serving/delivering meals to the needy/elderly
  • participating in organized community/school cleanup or beautification projects
  • doing volunteer work in nursing homes, hospitals, homeless shelters, or churches
  • babysitting for a neighbor or friend (without pay)
  • mowing an elderly neighbor’s yard (without pay)


Service hour examples cannot include:

  • any work for which you are paid
  • any work that is required by another club or extracurricular (Ex. Band car wash, or Candle sale for cross-country)
  • any work done during the regular school day
  • any work done for immediate family or around your house (you should do that anyway)
  • attending or participating in sports/games, concerts, or recitals that are required
  • activities in which you regularly participate (Ex. Working/singing in the church once a month if that is something you always do anyway)


The purpose of service hours is for you to begin thinking about how you can go out of your way for just one hour each month to help another individual, and it needs to be something that you don’t already do. You need to think about new things you can do to help others.


Any member who does not fulfill their required service hours or fails to comply for two months, will be placed on probation for one month. If the hours are not made up within thirty (30) days, your name will be removed from the Beta Club roster. 

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