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Recruitment: Parent Testimonials

Other Parent Testimonials:
"Our 7th grade daughter's involvement in band at Oakland Middle has contributed more than anything to her positive middle school experience. She has made amazing friends, and her connection with Mr. Hearnes and Mr. Kinney has been invaluable. They care so much about their students, and I have been impressed with their focus on the development of the students' character as well as musicality. Middle school is tough, and I think encouraging her to be in band in middle school was the best decision we made with her going into 6th grade." - Ms. K
"Dear 5th Grade Parents,
As the parent of a 7th grader who plays the clarinet, I can wholeheartedly encourage you to help your child choose band as their elective.  The 2 teachers are amazing men who give so much of themselves to this program and these children.  They are an encouraging, funny, engaging, kind and loving team who will aid your child to want to do well with their chosen instrument.  My daughter is very shy, and yet looks so forward to her band class and interacting with her teachers.  Opportunities for extra practice time and tutoring is available during class (bonus, no driving all over) and before school, too.  You will not regret for a second encouraging your child to join band, and will be amazed how quickly they pick up learning to play their instrument well.  I can't say enough about how great this program is!  We are truly blessed to have such passionate leaders for our band!!" - Ms. B

"Finding kind words to say about the Oakland Middle School Band program is not a difficult task!! I have had 2 kids involved in this program, and the growth that they have shown is almost immeasurable. While band programs do teach a student the proficiencies of an instrument, the personal development reaches far beyond their instrument. The skills that are developed will serve them for the rest of their lives. Skills like determination, patience, perseverance, goal setting, and holding yourself to a high standard are only a few of the life skills that are taught and encouraged through programs like this. Mr. Kinney and Mr. Hearnes are unbelievably talented teachers and instructors who have spent years honing their craft. My kids are fortunate to have band teachers who are so dedicated, and care so much about them. Everything that is done in their band room is purposeful, and it is done with the students’ needs and interests first. Band and music teachers are selfless, devoted people who have a special gift. Mr. Kinney and Mr. Hearnes epitomize everything that being a great educator is!!" -A fortunate parent -