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Welcome to Mini-School 8A and 8th Grade American History!!! 
This page will give you access to all of the resources for my class. If you need to contract me, please email.

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Study Guide - Manifest Destiny

  1. What is Manifest Destiny?
  2. What was the cause for the Texas War of Independence?
  3. Who are David Crockett and Sam Houston?
  4. What is the legacy of the Alamo?
  5. Who are the mountain men?
  6. What animal did the mountain trap?
  7. What were the Oregon Trail, the Mormon Trail, the Santa Fe Trail, and the California Trail?
  8. Who was John C. Frémont?
  9. Describe the major events and impact of the presidency of James K. Polk, including:
  • his “Dark Horse” nomination
  • the settlements of the Oregon boundary
  • the annexation of Texas
  • the acquisition of California through the Mexican War.
  1. Describe the causes and consequences of the Mexican War, including:
  • the controversy over the Rio Grande boundary
  • the roles played by Zachary Taylor and Winfield Scott,
  • the Mexican Cession
  • the Wilmot Proviso.
  1. Trace the discovery of gold in California and its impact on the United States.
  • Who was John Sutter?
  • Who was James Marshall?
  • Who were the 49’ers?