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Welcome! I am very happy you are here.

Welcome 6th graders! I am so excited to guide your learning this year. Your brain is a muscle. Just like your leg and arm muscles, it gets stronger the more you use it. Together, we will grow from the "fixed" mindset that keeps our muscles weak to the "growth" mindset that allows us to strengthen our muscles as we make mistakes, fail at our attempts, learn from those mistakes, and incorporate our grit by adopting the "YET" perspective.
This year, our 6th grade ELA/Reading students will focus on at least eight of our Tennessee Essential Learning objectives including, but not limited to, summarizing and forming inferences based on text evidence; determining connotative and denotative meanings of unfamiliar and multi-meaning words using context clues/key words, parts of speech, and word roots; composing a variety of written products such as explanatory/informative, narrative, and argumentative, each of which will include a strong thesis statement and at least three pieces of evidence that connect to and support the thesis; and correctly forming and using perspective in their written products.
If you have any questions and/or concerns, please feel free to email me at mouldp@rcschools.net.
While I am not as active as most, but I am trying to take more pictures of my "kids" learning and doing great things.  I plan to share them on Twitter.  https://twitter.com/PamelaMould2
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