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Personal Finance, Career Explorations, and Math Lab

Career Explorations is an exploratory class for eighth graders in which we spend a week at a time learning about the CTE pathways that are offered at Oakland and SIegel High Schools. In this class we will explore each of the topics, and have visitors from the community and from Siegel and Oakland High Schools each week, visit Oakland High School most weeks, and we will also be going on a field trip each quarter. The class is a 9-week program, which allows us to cover 9 different pathways from the high schools. This will help our eighth graders make educated decisions about their future in high school.
Personal Finance class will be using the Dave Ramsey curriculum to explore the wonderful world of finance as it functions in America today. Students will gain the knowledge and skill they need to be financially responsible as they enter the world of working, earning, saving, and investing. This class is offered to 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students.
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**Students, please note that the explanations of each course of study can be found in the link under the instructions box.**