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Afterschool Dismissal Procedures

Afternoon Dismissal

Sixth and eighth grade car riders are picked up in front of the main building.
7th graders are dismissed in the front of the Annex building.
This year we are ONLY using the two lanes in front of the school. Students WILL NOT be dismissed to the parking lot. This is for the safety of our students.
In order to provide the smoothest transition possible for our students to your vehicles please PULL ALL THE WAY FORWARD. Please do not stop the line because you see your student. You student will walk to your car when you pull forward.
Once all cars have pulled forward, a whistle will blow to signal for students to go to their cars. When your student is in your car please wait for the traffic director at the cross walk to indicate it is safe to pass.
Then the next group of cars will pull all the way forward and the whistle will blow.
The most important thing is to follow the directions of the teachers and administrators that out there directing traffic. They are there to ensure the quickest and safest dismissal process.
If your student rides a bus, or you would like for your student to ride the bus please click this link. You will enter your address and grade level and it will generate your bus number and bus stop based on your address.
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