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Coding Club » Welcome to the Oakland Middle School Code Busters!

Welcome to the Oakland Middle School Code Busters!

Coding Club Sponsor - Melinda Reed, OMS Instructional Technology Coach
To Contact -  reedm@rcschools.net, 615-904-6760. ext. 31126



The Goals of the Oakland Middle School Coding Club 

The Club Will: 

  • Attract interest in computer science from a broad and diverse range of students with a focus on the underrepresented population. 
  • Teach the fundamentals of programming and computational thinking. 
  • Instill confidence in working with technology. 
  • Foster creativity, curiosity, and collaboration along with instilling the courage to try new things. 
  • Teach how to program computing devices to make things of real-world interest and use. 
  • Grow perseverance when tackling difficult problems. 
  • Demonstrate the impact that coding has in careers and communities. 


Success Criteria: 

The student success criteria below is stated in broad terms.  Comprehensive accounting of student learning objectives and success criteria will be outlined in club meeting agendas. 

Students who successfully participate in the club will be able to: 

  • Define the term computer program. 
  • Use and implement common program control structures. 
  • Read code in the TouchDevelop environment and describe what it does. 
  • Create and publish games, animations, and interactive applications using the TouchDevelop Platform within the Office 365 Package. 
  • Use design thinking and logic to translate their ideas into working applications. 
  • Apply math and science concepts learned in school while programming. 
  • Develop problem solving and debugging skills to make things work.