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Welcome to Mr. Shirley's 7th grade Math webpage. This will be your online access for 7th grade Math. This page will give you access to learning resources, calendar, and basic information for what to expect and every you need to be successful.

We are continuing to work through concepts in Geometry related to area and volume of shapes. We already knew how to find the area of a rectangle. We looked at finding the area of a triangle. And we learned how to calculate the area of a circle. We are now building upon those concepts to find the area and volumes of complex shapes.


There are three I-Ready lessons loaded in the system for students. Knocking all three out would take about 90 minutes total. Can we get 50% student participation rate?


I have a Quizlet loaded on my webpage with the 4th Quarter Word Wall vocabulary. Don't wait until the night before the CFA to start studying them.


Don't forget to follow me on Twitter at @OMSMathGuy. That is a source of information and interaction.

4th Quarter Word Wall