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Class DoJo



Descriptor of Session:

Are you looking for an easier way to communicate with parents? Would you

like to effortlessly share photos, videos and announcements with them? Are

you looking to get your students working in digital portfolios? Then ClassDojo is

the tool for you! ClassDojo is a communication app for the classroom. It

connects teachers, parents, and students who use it to share photos, videos,

and messages through the school day. They use ClassDojo to work together as

a team, share in the classroom experience, and bring big ideas to life in their

classrooms and homes.


TEAM Rubric:

Standards and Objectives, Motivating Students, Activities and Materials, Questioning, Feedback, Grouping Students, Thinking, Problem Solving



1. Basic Operations and Concepts Students: a. demonstrate a sound understanding of the nature and operation of technology systems. b. are proficient in the use of technology

3. Technology Productivity Tools Students: a. use technology tools to enhance learning, increase productivity, and promote creativity. b. use productivity tools to collaborate in constructing technology-enhanced models, preparing publications, and producing other creative works.


TN Standards:



PLC Guiding Questions:

1. What is it we want our students to learn?

2. How will we know if each student has learned it?

3. How will we respond when some students do not learn it?

4. How can we extend and enrich the learning for students who have demonstrated proficiency?


Digital Citizenship:

Password, Professionalism



1. Participant will create a ClassDojo account.

2. Participant will create a class and develop skills.

3. Participant will discover the Toolkit, Messages, Big Ideas, and Stories

(School, Class, & Student).

4. Participants will become students to model how Student Story works.


Success Criteria:

I know I am successful if I have:

* created a ClassDojo Account complete with students and skills.

* launched the Toolkit and explored all components.

* located the Big Ideas series & activities.

Task 1
  • Click on the Class DoJo Website and create an account.  You will be asked to join a school...this step can be skipped.
  • Create a Demo Class and create 5 fake student accounts.
Task 2
  • In the class dashboard, click on the Options link in the top right corner and select Edit Class.
  • In the window that opens, click on the Skills tab and create skills that would be specific for your style of classroom management.  Once you have created your a set of skills in one class, notice that you can import those skills to your remaining classes.
Task 3
Let's Explore the Tool Kit.
Need more specific information?  Click below to see all the detailed steps for using Class DoJo.