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Melinda Reed » Laptop Mirroring to Projector Directions

Laptop Mirroring to Projector Directions

How do I mirror my teacher laptop to the projector? 
You are in luck!  Your Microsoft Wireless Display Adaptor has already been installed on your projector!  Now all you have to do is mirror your laptop.  Follow the steps below and you will be ready to go in no time!!
Step 1: 
Turn on your projector.  You should see a screen as pictured below.
Step 2: 
If you do not see the display above, grab your remote and press the Source Search button in the upper right.  Give the projector just a sec or two to scroll through the available options.  It will find the screen above on its own.
Step 3: 
Now that your projector is ready, you need to set up your laptop.  From the desktop screen of your laptop, click on the Notifications icon in the bottom right corner.  Then click on Expand as shown below.
Step 4:
Click on the Connect tile and check your screen for your adapter's name.  In the 2nd picture, you will see that this adapter's name is MSDisplayAdapter_E3.
Step 5:
On the right side of your laptop screen, you will see a side window appear and you will see a list of all discoverable devices.  Make sure you click on the one that matches YOUR adapter's name which is displayed on the projector screen.  Then click Connect.
Your laptop should now be projected on the screen!!
Additional info - The Source Search button on the top right of your remote is the only button you need.  Keeping that in mind, when you are ready to switch back to your computer image, click the Source Search button again and the projector will take a couple of secs to find your computer.  So the Source Search button allows you to toggle back and forth between the laptop and computer.