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Melinda Reed » TEAMS - A Blended Learning Container

TEAMS - A Blended Learning Container

Team Rubric Indicator Activities and Materials
ISTE Student Standards: Creative Communicator
ISTE Teacher Standard: Collaborate with students, peers, and parents using digital tools and resources to support student success and innovation.
TN Standards Varies
PLC Guiding Questions
1. What is it we want our students to learn?
2. How will we know if each student has learned it?
3. How will we respond when some students do not learn it?
4. How can we extend and enrich the learning for students who have demonstrated proficiency?
Digital Citizenship Password, Privacy, Professionalism, Permanence
  • Explore the TEAMS user interface as a student.
  • Create a TEAM.
  • Manage TEAM Settings.
  • Invite others to join your TEAM and join other TEAMS.
  • Create assignments, grade book, and submit feedback.
  • Review how to add channels and tabs to your team.
  • Review Class Notebook integration in TEAMS.
Success Criteria:
  • I can create a new TEAM (class).
  • I can manage settings and features in TEAMS.
  • I can mute members.
  • I can add and delete students (members and teachers (owners).
  • I can create assignments, post graded work, and submit feedback to students.
  Task 1 - Experience TEAMS as a Student
Task 2 - Create a TEAM and Add Students
  1. Watch the video, TEAMS: Create a Class.
  2. Use the suggested naming sequence and create a class team. (school initials, teacher username, name of class)
  3. Add your neighbor as a student (member).
Task 3 - Manage TEAMS Settings
Work with a partner to complete the following tasks.  Each person will complete the task.
  1. Watch the video - TEAMS Manage Settings.
  2. Discuss with your partner which settings will be best for your class.
    1. Will you mute all members?
    2. Will you only allow the teacher to create posts?
  3. Select the desired settings for the class.
  4. Notice the TEAM Code.  Students can join the class using this code.  Have your partner join your TEAM.
Task 4 - Assignments, Feedback and Post Grades
Participants will work with a partner to complete the following tasks.  Each person will complete the task.
Creating an Assignment
  1. Watch the video - TEAMS Assignments.
  2. Create a sample assignment.  For example, Research Project...
    1. Specify what the students will turn in...such as a Word document.
    2. Add detailed directions.
    3. Give the assignment a value of 100 points.
    4. Allow late turn in.
    5. Do you want to add a Rubric?  Notice the Rubric option.
Note:  You can add assignments to multiple TEAMS by selecting the two boxes to the right of the TEAM name in which you are currently located..  All of your TEAMS will appear.  Select each TEAM that needs the assignment.
Completing an Assignment
  1. Open the assignment your partner created.
  2. Complete the assignment and submit it so your partner can add feedback and grade in the next step.
  1. Watch the video - TEAMS Feedback and Turn In
  2. Select the assignment completed in the section above and Review.
  3. Add feedback in the space provided by the grades.
  4. Add points to the assignment and post.
View Feedback as Student
  1. Check the assignment after  your partner adds feedback and point.
  2. Will you use this feature with students?
Task 5 - Setup a TEAM for Your Classes and Add Members 
Independent Work
  1. Create your class teams and add members.
On a sticky note by your computer, answer the following questions and place your sticky on the green poster paper on the door as you exit the lab.
  1. How do your students currently access digital content?
  2. What ideas do you have for using TEAMS?