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Melinda Reed » Station Rotation - 7th Grade SS, Middle Ages

Station Rotation - 7th Grade SS, Middle Ages

  Station 1
Middle Ages Vocabulary Review 
  1. Go to Quizlet.
  2. Click on the Flashcard Tile.  Study the definitions by matching terms to definitions.
  3. Click on the Learn Tile.  Complete all 7 rounds and record your total progress percentage on the Student Response Sheet.
  4. Click on the Test Tile.  Record your grade on the Student Response Sheet.  
Station 2
Joan of Arc PlayPosit
  1. Go to PlayPosit.
  2. Few the video and answer the embedded questions.
Station 3
Hundred Years War Article Study
  1. Go to the Middle Ages - Hundred Years War Website.
  2. Read the information about the Hundred Years War.
  3. Click on the quiz link at the bottom of the reading passage and complete the 10 questions.  
  4. Record your score on your Student Response Sheet.
Station 4
The Life of a Medieval Peasant
 This is a non technology station.
  1. On the back of your student response sheet, create and label the Feudalism Pyramid.
  2. Pick a person from each level to write 3 sentences about.
                           Example, Top Level...I am the______. I provide________.