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Melinda Reed » Office 365 Word Quick Start Guide for Students

Office 365 Word Quick Start Guide for Students

Learning Intentions:
We are learning to use Office 365's Microsoft Word effectively to assist us in completing our writing assignments.
Success Criteria:
I can:
  1. create a document, name it, and find it in OneDrive.
  2. add text, images, and videos.
  3. use "Tell me what you want to do".
  4. use Smart Look Up.
  5. research a topic and find a credible source.
  6. share my document.
  7. check spelling and grammar.
  8. select styles and themes.

I can create a document, name it, and find it in OneDrive.
  1. Within your OneDrive window, locate or create the folder where your document will live.  In the folder, click on the New button in the upper left corner and select Microsoft Word from the drop down menu.
  2. Name the document. Do you notice the auto save feature?
  3. Close out of the document and relocate it.  
I can add text, images, and video.  I can also use "Tell me what you want to do".
  1. Notice your ability to anchor down the toolbar versus the ability to make it collapsible.
  2. Place the cursor where you want and type some text...Today is a great day.  I will do my best in everything I attempt today.  My goal is to be a better person today than I was yesterday.
  3. A great tool is the Status Bar.  It is located at the bottom left of the document and it shows the page and number of words.
  4. Now lets format your text.  To format text, first select the text by highlighting it.  Now navigate to your Home tab and let's practice with Bold, Italic, Bullets, Numbering, etc.
  5. Let's add a picture to your text.  We will search for our image in Google.  Type in the search line...the best I can be.  Pick the image you like, right click to copy it, and then go back to our Word doc and do Ctrl V to paste it.
  6. Now insert an image from the search box within Word.  In the "Tell me what you want to do" line, type in online pictures.  Pick an image and click the insert button.  Your image will be inserted into your document.
  7. Nest, let's link a video to your document.  Type into your document the following sentence...Watch this video to get motivated.
  8. Now, go to Youtube and search for the video called, "Motivational Video - Be the Best that you can Be!". (It runs 3.39 minutes.) 
  9. Click on the Share button beneath and to the right of the video.  Copy the URL to the video.
  10. In your document, highlight the sentence you typed and then click on the Insert tab and select Link.
  11. Paste the video URL in the box and click on Ok.
I can use Smart Look Up.
  1. Let's open up the installed version of Word.  Hint: The installed version has a URL above the document while the installed version does not.
  2. Right click on any word that you have typed.
  3. Choose Smart Look Up.
  4. Over to the right, a Smart Look Up window will appear.  This window will show the definition of the word.  there is also a sound icon too for pronunciation.
Remember that Smart Look Up is only available in the installed version.
I can find research materials from the Researcher feature.
  1. From the installed version (the one without the URL) type in the Search box (Tell me what you want to do), type in Researcher in the text box.
  2. When the Researcher pane appears, type in the word motivation.
  3. Over to the right, you will find your research results.  Try highlighting some text and using Ctrl C and Ctrl V to copy and paste the text into your document.
  4. Awesome for citing your resource...click on the + sign in the upper right of the resource and your citation will automatically pop into your document.
  5. What if the bell rings and you are in the middle of your research?  No worries, check out the My Research tab in the Researcher window.  You can go back to your previous searches.
I can share my Word document with others.
  1. Let's hop back into our Word document in Office 365 (our online version).
  2. Find the blue Share button in the upper right of your screen and click on it.
  3. Type in the name of the person sitting to your right. 
  4. Now click on the Preferences and choose the "rights" you want to share.
  5. Now click Send.
  6. Does anyone remember where you can find a document that is shared with you?
I can check my spelling and grammar in my documents.
Word automatically checks spelling and grammar by marking misspelled words with a red squiggly underline and grammar mistakes with a blue double underline. 
  1. Right-click on the underlined word and read the explanation.
  2. Select a correction, or select Ignore.
Another option is to place your cursor at the beginning of your document and then select the Spelling and Grammar icon under the Review tab.
I can select styles and themes.
Use the Style formatting tool to add a professional look to your document.
  1. On the Home tab, click in the Styles pane on each different style and watch the formatting change automatically.