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Descriptor:  GradeCam is a software application that grades multiple-choice tests and performs a multitude of other data collection and data analysis tasks for improving student learning and managing student paperwork. Use GradeCam to grade multiple-choice tests, conduct ongoing formative assessments, generate reports, and so much more.



  1. Teachers will create an assessment and a key for the assessment.
  2. Teachers will print answer sheets.
  3. Teachers will grade assessment and analyze it using the reports feature.
  4. Teachers will use GradeCam for ongoing summative and formative assessments in their classrooms.

Success Criteria:

I can create an assessment.

I can create a key for my assessment.

I can print answer sheets.

I can grade an assessment.

I can analyze an assessment using the reports feature.


Path to GradeCam:

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Go to the OMS Webpage.
  3. Click on the Academics tab, then Teacher Resources, and then Clever.
  4. Click on the Clever tile and enter your email/password and click on the Login button.
Session Resources:

Think about it.  How many assessments will you have on your GradeCam Dashboard by the end of the year?  Can you imagine how hard it will be to find the assessment you are looking for?  What about next year?
Let's solve the organization problem by creating Labels!
Click on the image above to complete the Session Evaluation as your Exit Ticket.