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Candace Thompson » Distance Learners FAQ

Distance Learners FAQ

Below you will find FAQ and answers we are getting from our distance learners. We appreciate your patience as we navigate this time, and assure you Oakland Middle School will do everything to ensure a quality education for our distance learners.
Temporary Distance Learners Due to Quarantine
Q: My student has been temporarily quarantined, now what do I do?
A: You student uses the same platforms in the traditional setting that our distance learners use, so this should be a smooth transition in terms of where to find assignments. All teachers will be notified when a student is temporarily quarantined. To get your student added to a live-stream, please email your student's teachers. Please allow up to 24 hours for this adjustment to take place.
Distance Learning Schedule:
Q: Where can I find the Distance Learning Schedule?
A: The most updated schedule can be found on this page (file below).
Login Issues:
Q: What is my student's password?
A: Your student's password is the student number at the top of the student's schedule. If the student number has a series of zeroes in the front (ex: 0000004009979) the password would be the number AFTER the series of zeroes. In this case, the password would be 4009979).
Q: What if the student's number is all zeroes?
A: Your student's password is the word 'password' all lowercase.
Q: When am I supposed to log on for distance learning?
A: Your student's teachers will be in contact with their distance learners from 1-3pm on Thursday, August 13th and Friday, August 14th to discuss expectations and schedules for our distance learners.
Q: Will my attendance be docked if I was unable to log on this morning (Thursday, August 13th)?
A: No, we understand there will be challenges and we are using Thursday, August 13th and Friday, August 14th to work through these challenges and get our distance learners on a schedule.
Q: What should I do if my student is having a hard time accessing Clever and their student email?
A: Please check in Skyward to ensure your student's username and email match. Example: if your student's username is jsmith000 their email should be jsmith000@student.rcschools.net. If you find an error, please contact Ms.Thompson.
Q: What should I do if my student is not able to login to Clever (I keep getting the 'uh-oh' message)?
A: Option 1: Try clearing out your browser history and logging in to Clever again to see if this helps with the issue.
Option 2: Try using the Microsoft Edge browser.
Option 3: Try using Chrome in incognito mode.
Q: What if the above suggestion doesn't work and I still cannot get into Clever?
A: Please email cleverhelp@rcschools.net
Q: I just registered at school, but I still cannot login or access anything on the computer.
A: Please allow 24 hours after registration for all information to sync.
Amplify Issues:
Q: What if my student is not able to login to Amplify?
A: First, try chatting with the Amplify help desk. They provide almost immediate feedback. If not, email caldwelll@rcschools.net.
Device Issues:
Q: I am using a chromebook and am having a hard time accessing the appropriate programs. Any suggestions?
A: Open your office365 by going to portal.office.com then try Clever and other RCS programs.
Communication with Teacher:
Q: How should my student get in touch with their teacher to get information about TEAMS meetings?
A: It is imperative your student checks their school email. This can be accessed on the Oakland Middle website under the students tab. The first option is MicrosoftOffice365.
Q: Why does the Google Chrome browser needing the history browser data cleared OFTEN. Many times it is another problem with why Kiddom “won’t work”?

A: Try a “hard refresh” rather than clearing their entire browser. On Windows: hold down CTRL and click Refresh to do this.


Q: My teachers are having issues with the chat feature since there is no single location for a messaging center.

A: Notification and communication management are one of the areas the Kiddom team is looking closely at right now.


Q: I can't see feedback on the mobile version only from the desktop version.

A: Make sure you are using the app and are using the most updated version.