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Welcome to my CARS webpage

   The Content Area Reading Strategies (CARS) course is designed to provide Oakland Middle School students with literacy instruction that will enable the to lean subject matter across all content areas. Emphasis will be given to fiction texts the 1st nine weeks and non-fiction texts the 2nd nine weeks. Through a combination of teacher strategies, and increasing levels of thinking and questioning, the students will improve overall reading achievement in
  • vocabulary
  • comprehension
  • inferential reading
  • fluency
  • retention
that will support independent reading and learning as well as effective reading techniques and habits in the classroom.
   The intent of this course is to strengthen the reading  skills of students in order to increase their level of comprehension in all content areas. Students will be taught and assessed on skills such as reviewing basic phonics and ortho-graphics, implementing critical thinking, making inferences, connecting text with evidence, identifying credible sources and summarizing key points. Emphasis will be placed on students developing a high level of confidence in reading complex texts by equipping them with various strategies to ensure their success.
Essential Academic Content:
The course will be divided into units focusing on, but not limited to:
1. Pre-Reading* Wordly Wise
    a.Vocabulary strategies
    b. Chunking text strategies
2. Monitoring comprehension
    a. Annotation strategies
    b. Search strategies
    c. Note taking skills
3. Author's point of view*
    a. Finding tone and mood
4. Asking questions
    a. "Speed Dating" question strategy
5. Connecting text
    a. Socratic Seminar
6. Drawing inferences*
    a. CSI (Clues + Schema = inferences)
7. Summarizing and paraphrasing
8. Analyzing text and critical thinking*
    a. Identifying rhetorical devices, purpose and effect
Major required projects and approximate time frame:
  1st nine weeks - Non Fiction brochure project (ongoing)
  2nd nine weeks - Fiction project on Story Bird - digital storytelling due dates - TBD
Primary Thinking Skills Emphasized:
Students will work to summarize key points and analyze information from various sources. Students will also develop strong critical thinking skills and strategies needed to fully comprehend difficult texts.
Primary Social Skills:
Students will strengthen their ability to communicate ideas effectively, as well as work in diverse group settings by participating in daily group discussions.
Class Structure:
Bell Work - Greek Morphemes (root words, prefix and suffix practice)
Literacy - Reading text
Class Work - Strategy implementation
Discussion - Whole group discussion (student centered)
Exit Ticket - Skill review and closure
*Every Wednesday the Literacy portion will include an article with a graph in which students will practice interpreting. Graph articles will come from Scholastic magazines.