Oakland Middle School

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Needs and Policies

What every student needs for choir
A black three ring binder
plastic sheet protectors (50)
composition notebook
Pencils, pens and highlighters
Attendance policy
Attendance during the school day will follow and align with the schools attendance and tardy policies
Concert attendance is a requirement for all concerts throughout the year.  An excused absence will only be allowed when and if it is supplied to Mr. Hudson at least one month in advance.  I understand that emergencies do occur but communication is an absolute necessity in these situations 
Cell Phone Policy
Cell phones are not to be used in any form during any of the music classes unless otherwise noted by Mr. Hudson.  It is important to understand that participation during class is a REQUIREMENT and any distraction can and will affect a students grades.  
Items Needed
Hand Sanitizer
Plastic sheet protectors
dry erase markers
Copy Paper
Compositions Books