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Welcome to 8A ELA

ELA is English Language Arts. We focus on Literature and Writing. Please know that if you need to get in touch with me you can email me at hawkinsp@rcschools.net.  My goal is to prepare 8th grade students to transition into high school as knowledgeable and confident students.  I want them to be successful and feel prepared!
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January 21 No School- MLK Day
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 Writing Tips and Resources!!!!
Parents and Students,
I added information about Counter Claims and Rebuttals to the Independent Writing link.  Please check it out.  There are excellent starters that enable you to begin strong statements.
Thank you,
Mrs. Hawkins
Week of September 17th:
I-Ready Assignments on Inference!  Please complete by Friday, September 21st.  
We have been working on this skill/standard in class during our Warm Ups, as well.  Students who are in RTI are also working with this standard.
We are retesting on Friday, September 21st over this standard.  We have had two assessments over this and unless a student has made a 4 on both of these, he or she must retest.  
The Ransom of Red Chief
September 17, 2018
PDF of The Ransom of Red Chief
The Ransom of Red Chief needs be finished by the end of class on Tuesday.  If not, the PDF above allows you to finish at home.
Please Click on the Independent Writing- Read2Write link to read information on the weekly writing assignments.  These are assignments are completed outside of class.  Please make sure you are staying on top of this!  Please do not wait until the last minute. 
A good schedule to follow:
1. Look at/Select a prompt and keep in mind what it is asking you as you read.
2. Monday through Thursday - Read the book you’ve chosen for 20 minutes every day throughout the school week thinking about the answer to your questions you’ve selected
3. Friday - Write the response to the prompt on Friday.
4. Be ready to turn in your paper on Monday. This will greatly reduce stress on this assignment.
Grammar errors, spelling errors, are not going to affect your grade unless the error makes it impossible to understand what you have written. Highlighter will be used to help you identify your mistakes if they begin to make it difficult to understand what you are trying to say.
Citing Evidence 
Point of View
Argument Writing and Sentences
Make sure you log in through Office 365 and then join a class.  The codes for each class are below:
2nd- 377273-774243
4th- 377273-774239
5th- 377273-774240
7th- 377273-774241
8th- 377273-774242
*Once you join, you should be good for the year.
Quizizz-Go to quizizz.com
Informational Text Structure:
Argument Prezi:
"The Elevator" 31-35 After reading and answering margin questions:
Here is a PDF of the story:
Plan of Action:

“The Elevator” Narrative Assignment


Assignment: Finish the story of “The Elevator”


What’s missing from the story? Think about the plot diagram.

            Story ends at climax

            Missing: Falling action and resolution


What happens during falling action?

            Ties up loose ends


What happens during the resolution?

            The story comes to a reasonable end


Things to include:


            Sensory details, images

            Show don’t tell

            Think about the mood of the story

            Characters: Martin, fat lady, Martin’s dad

            All missing parts of the plot diagram (i.e. falling action, resolution)


How/Where to Start:

Brainstorm: How do you want the story to end? In your mind, what do you think will happen next? What will happen to the characters? Think about what you already know about the characters? Who is the fat lady? Is she real? What does she want from Martin?


Then what?

Start writing! It’s okay if your first draft isn’t perfect. It more than likely won’t be. You can always go back and rewrite/revise.



“The Elevator”


“Hello, Martin,” she said, and laughed and pushed the stop button. Suddenly the elevator came to a stop. The dull, lifeless buttons stopped blinking. The bright, fluorescent lights flickered.

Martin scrambled backward against the far wall of the elevator, trying to get as far away as possible from the fat lady. He squeezed his eyes shut, trying to make her disappear. But every time he would open his eyes, there she was. Staring at him.

“She’s not real, she’s not real, she’s not real,” Martin whispered to himself. The fat lady began to laugh. A deep throaty laugh that echoed throughout the elevator.

“Oh, Martin. There’s no reason to be afraid,” the fat lady said with a sparkle in her eyes. “We’re going to have so much fun riding the elevator together.”

“This isn’t real,” Martin thought, “this is just my fear of elevators. To make her go away I just have to face my fears.”

The fat lady kept laughing her dark, ominous laugh but instead of cowering in the corner Martin stood up.

“I’m not scared of you and I’m not scared of elevators. This isn’t real so there is nothing for me to be afraid of!”

As he said this, the fat lady’s laughter began to die away. Then there was a bright light that caused Martin to cover his eyes.

Ding. The elevator doors swooshed open to reveal the bright corridor of floor 17, Martin’s floor. He had made it.