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Welcome to Mrs. Boyd's ELA Webpage

I am Dawn Boyd and I teach 6th grade Reading/Language Arts here at OMS. Welcome to my webpage.  Here you will find links to assignments, study guides, flipped classroom PowerPoints and videos.  
Optional Extra Credit:
Option 1)
Write a book review of your favorite book and earn some extra points.  The book you should choose must be middle school level or higher.  Your review must be at least one paragraph (a long one - 7 sentence minimum) - write more if you need to.  You should include a summary of the plot but don't spoil the good parts.  You should also tell readers about the genre and why you like the book.  You can title your review something like this:  Review: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by Dawn Boyd.  In order to get FULL CREDIT, you must use proper grammar and spelling.  Share your review with me in Office 365 or end it by email to boydd@rcschools.net.  I am going to post these, so if you don't want your name in the post, please let me know.
Option 2)
Create a figurative language project similar to this poster (click here).  You must include examples of 6 different types of figurative language, the definition and a picture that represents your example.  This does not have to be poster size - you may use plain, regular size copy paper or construction paper.  Name on the back please.
Assignments and Guides.
Click on the "Flipped Classroom" link on
the right to find these study aides.
Use these to review or study for tests.
You can also get practice assignments
in Moby Max (see me for info).